A dual passion:
vineyards and horses

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The philosophy we have always ridden

The history of Vill’Arquata has its roots in prehistoric times, when a great glaciation held Franciacorta in a grip of frost, and glaciers pushed the debris of the mountains downwards, which, then, over the centuries, became the morainic soil of our vineyards.

From passion for horses
came the sports club
“La Barbatella”

Our passion for horses led us to establishing our own stables in the beautiful setting of Vill’Arquata.
Our riding school is managed by the La Barbatella Sports Association, and is frequented by riders training for national and international show jumping competitions.
In our stables, we take utmost care of various competition horses. Every one of our equine guests has a large box to rest and sleep in.

The ideal environment for humans and horses to cultivate their age-old friendship

For the well-being of both horses and riders at Vill’Arquata, we have a dedicated outdoor field, covered riding stable, a sand-covered circuit, a treadmill, infra-red lamps, a club-house and apartments for athletes and grooms.

We, therefore, offer an ample for athletes and horses to train, perfect their sport and ready themselves to face the next competition together.